The Most Useful Attachments to Use with the Bobcat Hired By You

Even without attachments and additional tools, the bobcat hire Brisbane machine can be highly versatile and helpful for you. When these attachments are combined, these machines become useful in many applications and assure you of completing the task faster and with better precision. There are different attachments available for bobcat machines, and we review some in this post.


This machine is essential for completing heavy tasks and useful in day-to-day activities. It is advantageous in farming construction and other fields, and since they are made from industrial-grade materials, you can be assured of robustness and stability. They come with essential safety features and are designed keeping ‘ease of adjustment’ in mind.


These attachments give your bobcat hire QLD machine the versatility to dig holes and trenches without any effort. It is a potent machine available in multiple sizes to complete your digging job using a backhoe hire Brisbane machine easily. There is a wide selection of trenching and auger drives that you can use with your earthmoving equipment.


The bucket is one of the most common machines or attachments offered with bobcat hire Brisbane deals and backhoe hire QLD deals. It becomes very easy to lift and move material like gravel, rocks, dirt, snow, and sand using this bucket. You can acquire these buckets in different capacities and sizes to meet your needs. There are buckets also available for specific materials and ease of use.


When used with the bobcat hire Brisbane machines, grapples make extra support for grabbing materials and boost productivity while reducing downtime. There is a vast selection of American-made grapple bucket attachments to lift and move materials from one place to another. Grapple buckets can move debris and large items quickly and effortlessly. You can easily attach this machine with skid steers and use it for your site.

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Essential Inspection Checklist Related To Earthmoving Equipment Hire

Construction sites, mining sites and other similar sites where a large amount of excavation and demolition is taking place are ideal for earthmoving equipment to work and perform. These earth moving equipment are available in different types, and the most common trend these days of bobcat hire Brisbane. This machine alone is capable and versatile enough to perform various tasks at these sites.

However, it is essential that they are timely and properly inspected to ensure that they are safe and fit to use. There are several steps taken as a part of the inspection regime, and we have covered some here in this post.


  • The excavator operator hired by you should look all under the machine.
  • You should ensure no visible leaks or pools of fluid.
  • If there are some, the source of the leakage should be identified, and immediate actions should be taken to repair the leakage.
  • You should also inspect the tyres, wheels and undercarriage of all the machines offered in the plant hire deal.
  • This inspection determines the accumulation of dirt and debris and any wear and tear.
  • If any visible damage is detected, it should be brought to the notice of the repair team, and necessary action should be taken.
  • Any minor problem should not be ignored because the bobcat hire Brisbane can get in serious trouble and even cause safety concerns for the people working around the machine.
  • Before starting to operate, the operator should check the excavator hired by you for fluid levels.
  • He has to ensure enough engine oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, diesel, diesel exhaust fluid and others.
  • These fluids are like the lifeblood of any machine, and if topping up is required, it should be given without any delay.
  • Any dirt, mud, debris or similar material should be removed from anywhere around the radiator.
  • Similarly, the engine part and the engine compartment should be cleaned of debris, and it has to be ensured that engine parts are properly lubricated.
  • There should be no accumulation of foreign material as it will interfere with expected performance.
  • The operator should also inspect their fuel oil and other filters and check them for damages.
  • If detected on time, they will be very easy to replace, but if ignored, they can cause severe damage to the engine area.

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Inspection-Related Steps For Rock Breaker Attachment

Particularly in mining projects, the importance of rock breakers is much more than in any other project. This attachment is available as a part of packages that also include earth-moving machines and a tandem tipper hired by you. It is used for breaking objects into smaller parts to make them lighter to carry.

Apart from mining projects, they are also used in projects related to geology, construction, landscaping and others, where demolition or reduction of heavy material is required. The following maintenance-related tips for rock breakers will ensure that this machine is in perfect condition for a long time and deliver performance to you.


The vendors of backhoe hire deals recommend checking hydraulic hoses first up, as they are the main drivers of the incredible force that these rock breakers generate. Usually, these hoses are made from solid and flexible materials, but they also wear down with time and might malfunction. Regular inspection is mandatory to prevent this from happening. It will ensure that you have enough time to get these hoses repaired or replaced.


It is vital in every tandem tipper hire QLD and, in fact, in the backhoe hired by you that all the moving parts are lubricated, just as it is done in the rock breakers. Lubricating the moving parts and attachments will work by preventing friction between metal components. This will also stop the high temperature from damaging these parts, and as a result, they will last longer and perform better for a long time. Mostly modern-day rock breakers are fitted with auto-lubricating units or warning lights that tell you that it’s time to lubricate the moving parts.


The nitrogen pressure of rock breakers and other earth-moving machines can change with weather conditions. Hence, it is vital to check and adjust the nitrogen pressure level now, and then and also, based on the work, it should be adjusted accordingly. For example – the pressure required to dismantle an asphalt road would be lesser than the pressure required for crushing a hard rock. It is important that the nitrogen level is monitored and adjusted based on the project where the rock breaker is going to be used.

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Helpful Tips To Take Care Of Hydraulic Breakers

Some earthmoving equipment and machines have hydraulic breakers mounted on them. These breakers are used for breaking rocks, asphalt, concrete and other construction and aggregate materials. To keep this attachment perfect for a long time, it is vital to offer necessary maintenance and care. In this regard, earthmoving equipment hire Brisbane companies recommend some valuable tips that help achieve optimal performance and longevity of these hydraulic breakers.


Inspecting the hydraulic breaker now and then is very useful for any wear and tear. This is a straightforward process that will not take time at all. Combo hire dealers say that a visual inspection is mandatory every time you are about to use these breakers.


In terms of the performance of your earthmoving equipment, a lot depends on how it will be used and whether the right tools are used. The same rule applies to hydraulic breakers as well, and experts recommend that every time you are about to use it, just make sure that you have the right tools for the job. Here also, maintenance is essential, and a quick inspection will reveal any wear and tear or damage on the retaining pins.


According to posi track hire Brisbane companies, a crucial part of hydraulic breakers inspection is inspecting the condition of hydraulic hoses. It is advantageous to ensure that hydraulic hoses from the earthmoving equipment hire Brisbane are correctly routed and are of the correct length. The right length is significant because, otherwise, short hoses can limit the range of motions of the hydraulic breakers. Longer hoses mean they will not catch on the reverse, and there will be no risk at all of these hoses getting this engaged.

It is also recommended that you should grease or lubricate all your attachments and strategic points that require frequent lubrication. Lithium-based grease is perfect, and you can choose any method, from manual greasing and automatic greasing, to reduce the build-up, wear and tear and friction between two metal parts. This will help you save labour-intensive time, money and effort. It is also vital that any damage or wear and tear and repair work is not ignored at all. As soon as it is discovered, you must take necessary actions immediately to keep your machine performing fine.

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An Overview Of The Combined Hire Machinery

Industries like construction require high-end tools to get the job done effectively. In that regard, wet and dry hire equipment gives the best solution. So in this blog, let’s share some highlighted facts about damp and dry machinery or, in other words, combo hire.

Understanding wet hire machinery

Talking about the wet hire, it has the operator who will operate the tool. No doubt, it tends to escalate the hiring cost. It is because here you need to pay the amount for both the machine, fuel and the labour. Thus, it keeps you away from the burden of driving it yourself.

Defining Dry hire machinery

When you hire the dry machine, it includes only the machinery. One thing here is you won’t get any operator to drive the engine. If you talk about the price of this rental solution, then it’s comparatively cheaper. It is because, like the wet hire here, you don’t need to pay for both the operator and labour. If you tell me if this is convenient to hire or not, then the answer is no because, at times, construction projects come with lots of technicalities, so this particular one won’t solve the problem quickly.

Which one to get wet or dry hire

Most of the time, people get perplexed about what to choose. Dry hire is not a convenient solution, especially if you don’t have any technical know-how. But on the other hand, the wet hire gives the perfect way out in that regard. It is because you don’t need to bear the headache. But yes, if you have an expert operator, you can go for both combo hire QLD.

Advantages of getting wet hire

You can expect top-quality work.

The drivers have a proper license.

They follow compliance and safety measures.

They don’t charge anything extraordinary.

Final say

Thus, this is detailed information regarding the wet and dry hire. So now you can try combo hire Brisbane.

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Two Best Bobcat Attachments for Spring Season Cleaning

With the beginning of the spring season, people start feeling the necessity of doing some spring maintenance of their property. In bigger properties, where this maintenance task is more, there is the requirement of a bobcat hire deal, but there is a problem associated with it. The problem is that homeowners are not aware of how to get the best use of this machine and also, how to choose the right attachments for spring maintenance of the property.

We have come up with this blog post here, where we have discussed the best attachments that are always in demand during this spring season. There is another alternative of seeking this information from the qualified professionals working with the company that you have chosen for hiring these machines.


The first attachment that will go really well with the bobcat hired by you in the landscaping rake and it has been designed keeping a number of things in mind. For example – because of its strength and ergonomic design, it can rake and collect surface debris and at the same time, level and smoothen the surface very extreme ease. There are hardened teeth in this raking attachment and they are strong enough to withstand the toughest wear and tear when working in the soil.


Another very important and versatile bobcat hire QLD attachment is the brush and it is mainly a rotary cutter that is designed for different industries. This attachment offered by the bobcat hired by you can be very helpful for construction companies, agriculture sector, industrial units, municipalities and much more. This attachment was designed to perform are to clear trails and construction sites, control brush and undergrowth, and mulch branches. From the supplier of bobcat hire Brisbane deals; you can get this attachment in different sizes and different capacities. With this, you will be able to deliver everything that your project site needs.

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Useful Things to Know Before Combo Hire Deal

Construction related projects are often an expensive deal and this is the main reason why people love combo hire QLD deals. Yes, these deals are economical and most importantly, include all the machines needed at your construction site. There are other benefits too that you will avail if you decide to go with this kind of package. But before going for it, it is important that you understand some real things about these deals. This post here is written with the intention of helping you get the best deal based on your requirements, but right inside your budget.


As the name suggests, these deals are offered for construction projects, both domestic and commercial and these deals could be a combination of two or more equipments needed at your site. In most cases, the site manager has the exact idea of the machines needed, but if not, the companies offering these combo hire Brisbane deals can help you. They will listen to your requirements and based on them, suggest you the right combo of machines to go with. The science behind them is really simple that at least two or more machines are booked for the same period and you will receive a combo deal.

These deals are beneficial in cases, where the site manager is aware of the machines needed and also the duration for which, these machines have to be used. Please note that small hire equipment such as rammers, vibe plates or machinery attachments do not qualify for a combo deal.


The top advantage is that you get multiple machines to use at a discounted pricing.

With the right combo hired by you, you will finish a multiple number of tasks simultaneously.

The combo hire QLD deal will also the trim down the duration of your project and there would be chances of finishing it before set deadlines.


  • Skid-Steer Loaders and Tipper Trucks
  • Excavators and Tipper Trucks
  • Excavators and Skid-Steer Loaders
  • Mini Loader and Mini Dumper
  • Excavator and Mini Dumper

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Top Two Machines Offered In Earthmoving Equipments Deals and Packages

For speeding up your construction project irrespective of whether it is commercial or residential, you will always require heavy earthmoving equipments or engage in a plant hire deal. The problem with new construction managers is that they have knowledge, but they lack “the very precious experience” and this becomes problematic in several ways. One of them is that they find it really hard to select the right earthmoving machines for their kind of project and as a result, inefficiency and slowness continue to prevail.

This issue is very easy to handle because you will just have to understand some very popular machines that are used in these projects. This information will be immensely helpful in deciding about the right machines to use in a particular project and we will begin with “mini loaders”.


This machine is also given the name of dingo and it’s an ideal machine to use in areas, where tight access prevails. This means that it is the best machine to use in domestic areas because often these areas lack adequate space for earthmoving equipment’s maneuverability. This machine is offered in bobcat hire QLD deals as well and there is the liberty to choose the best attachments for the machine, based on your project’s requirements. It is a great equipment for you if you have plans of bringing dirt into the garden for building beds or terraces or building a rock wall or replacing a lawn.


Another very useful machine offered as a part of bobcat hire deal is the skid steer loader and the best feature of this machine is that it can lift more and lift higher as well. This machine is given this name because it turns by skidding tyres and each side can operate independently and this way, it can spin on the spot as well. This machine is offered in plant hire deals in different sizes and you will have to choose the one based on your needs and how much earth or soil you want to remove at one time.

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Advantages of Bobcat Hire Brisbane and How to Make Full Use

The biggest problem with residential and commercial construction projects is that there is a deadline to match and you have to complete the project within the stipulated time. This requires dedication and assistance from earthmoving equipments and in terms of earthmoving equipments, the best machine to choose is the bobcat. In terms of using a bobcat machine, you will have two options to choose from where one is purchasing the machine, while the next is getting it on rent or as they say bobcat hire Brisbane. The latter one sounds more practical and there are different reasons behind this like the economical availability and also, the fact that this machine serves multiple purposes single-handedly. There are other reasons as well that will be covering here in this blog post.


The top reason why bobcat should always be there in the list is that it’s a very versatile machine that can be used in so many things. Thanks to the huge amount of attachments that come along that make this machine multi-purposeful and useful in different tasks at any commercial construction site.


You can be assured because the bobcat hired by you is going to be an extremely durable machine, capable of withstanding different kinds of situations very easily. The fact is that there is a protective cage offered to protect the operator in areas, where machine is going to face lot of difficulty in operations. The machine is able to sustain even after rough work and this helps in the long run to get high return on the investment.


The ergonomically designed machine is capable of operating really efficiently in different kinds of landscapes and believe me that in different situations, there would be no compromise over quality or toughness of the unit. In any kind of terrain or situation, the performance of the bobcat hire QLD machine would remain totally unchanged.

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* Reasons Why Bobcat Hired by You is an Ideal Choice for Home Renovation

Important Attachments to Use with Bobcat Hired By You

Different spring projects are there that people look to engage in as soon as the spring season arrives and for fairly bigger projects, they have to for combo hire deals. In a majority of home renovation projects, the bobcat hire QLD is the most required machine, but the problem with homeowners is that they have very little idea regarding the right attachments needed.

The solution to this is knowing about different attachments used with the bobcat hired by you and some of them are discussed here in this write-up.


The most common attachment used with the bobcat hire QLD machine is the landscaping rake that is designed to rake the earth and collect the debris accumulated there. This rake is also very useful in leveling the ground and smoothening the surface at any project site. These raking attachments come with hardened teeth and while working in the soil, they stay totally protected from all kinds of wear and tear.


Another very common attachment used with the bobcat hired by you is given the name bobcat brush cat. This brush cat is a wonderful attachment designed to be hugely useful in different situations and industries like construction, agriculture, municipalities, and much more. A few tasks this attachment was designed to perform are to clear trails and construction sites, control brush and undergrowth and mulch branches. The main USP of this attachment is that this one has dual motors and this is something not found in other attachments offered by plant hire dealers and vendors.


The first thing that you will find very impressive about this machine is that it can also be attached easily to a mini truck loader as well. This machine has to power to remove the tree mulch and grind away the stumps and for this task, it is designed to be front-mounted. This means that the operator can have full visibility of how this attachment is working and what else could be done for its better functioning.

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